From health professionals to the public, we offer you the very best bioavailable source of calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, minerals and trace elements...

We offer you Pure Marine Plasma® 

“BIOCEAN® stands for Quality, Safety and Efficacy”

Raw material

Raw material selection is critical to the quality of finished products. We select our raw materials and ingredients based on their quality, stability, efficacy and purity and only work with the best suppliers.

Without the right pristine collection zones, care and know-how it is impossible to yield Pure Marine Plasma®.  The seawater we use comes from the cold North Atlantic Ocean in France. Our collection site is protected and classified NATURA 2000. The region where our raw material is harvested is not only pristine and controlled in real time for pollution but also benefits from some unique qualities with extra high tides, a continuous flow of new, richly oxygenated water, as well as a perfect mineral balance.

  • NATURA 2000 protected harvest site
  • Pristine, perfect mineral balance waters from Brittany, France
  • Extra high tides, constantly renewed and richly oxygenated waters
  • More than 250 quality control parameters on the raw material alone

A1 Harvest zone, Strict control, Perfect balance, Pure Marine Plasma


Stringent manufacturing practices are just as important as raw material selection to get safe, efficacious, stable finished products. This is why we adhere to the strictest quality systems such as pharmaceutical GMPs and ISO 13 485 for Medical Devices.

Pharmaceutical GMPs ensure quality manufacturing, strict controls of raw materials, personnel, equipment, clean rooms and proper stocking, distribution and monitoring of finished products. BIOCEAN® Pure Marine Plasma® is systematically manufactured in GMP certified pharmaceutical laboratories for superior quality, efficacy and stability.

  • Pharmaceutical GMPs
  • Classified clean rooms
  • Total traceability (raw material, bulk, finished products)
  • Systematic standardized procedures
  • Systematic audits by agencies

Khow-how, Expertise, cold microfiltration, Pure Marine Plasma

Superior Quality

BIOCEAN®, know-how, modern technology and science, raw material selection and stringent manufacturing practices simply make it a truly therapeutic, pharmaceutical seawater specialist.

BIOCEAN®, Pure Marine Plasma® is by far the most advanced supplement of its kind on the market.

  • Entirely free of bacteria through cold micro-filtration and proprietary sterilization
  • Offered in both 30 ampoule boxes and economical 1L bottles with the same purity, quality, stability and efficacy
  • Packaged in chemically stable, pharmaceutical glass type 1, extra-long shelf life
  • Perfect mineral balance, pH and osmolarity
  • Only product tested for the detection of endotoxins and microcystins

Pharmaceutical glass, GMPs, Free from bacteria, Superior quality, Pure Marine Plasma