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The discovery of Marine Plasma dates back to the early 1900’s and is linked directly to the theoretical and empirical work of Canadian, Biochemist, Archibald Macallum and well known French visionary, René Quinton.

From this work emerged a genuine body fluid replacement that would prove invaluable during epidemics and episodes of malnutrition. Marine Plasma would be featured in the Vidal dictionary as a medicine until the 1980’s.

Genuine Marine Plasma from France was introduced first to Canada and the USA in the late 1980’s by Myriam Biss, professional homeopath, owner and creator of Quinton America.

Life began in the oceans...

Tape into the very origin of life. Experience the most complete, harmonious and highly bioavailable source of minerals, electrolytes and trace elements. Try our Pure Marine Plasma®

Archybald B. Macallum (1858-1934) - Life on Earth began in the ocean. Seawater is life…

Whether we speak of hydrotherapy, balneotherapy or thalassotherapy, the curative virtues of seawater have been known at least since the ancient Greeks. Euripides said that “the sea cures men’s illnesses”. Plato wrote that “the sea washes away all of men’s illness”, and Hippocrates recommended baths using warm seawater.

One lesser-known but extremely interesting aspect is the use of seawater as a revitalizer, remineralizer or therapeutic adjuvant. The 20th century saw some of the greatest discoveries regarding the therapeutic use of seawater, but it all began with a theory: the mineral composition of the blood in vertebrates reflects the mineral composition of the ancient oceans, where life first appeared.

Founder of the first marine biology center in Canada, renowned Canadian physician and biochemist Archibald Byron Macallum was the first to advance this theory, in 1903, in ‘‘On the Inorganic Composition of the Medusae, Aurelia flavidula and Cyanea Arctica’’. He presented his theory again in 1904 and 1926, but more importantly, and without realizing it, he laid the basis for an astonishing marine therapy.

The comparison graph below illustrates the striking similarity in mineral concentration between extracellular fluid and BIOCEAN® Isotonic Pure Marine Plasma.Comparison between Biocean® Isotonic 0.9 and extracellular fluid

Archybald Macallum, Canadian Biochemist

René Quinton (1867-1925) - The body is a living aquarium...

On the other side of the ocean, in France, a visionary named René Quinton expounded the laws of the primaeval constancy of the world in his famous book L’eau de mer, milieu organique (Seawater – Organic Medium) (1904). One of these laws was the law of marine constancy: “Animal life has maintained itself in a medium identical to that of its origins.” He proposed that it was possible to replace our “inner medium” with seawater harvested, diluted and processed in accordance with specific criteria. René Quinton would rock the scientific community and demonstrate for the first time not only the safety but also the efficacy of seawater as a therapy by replacing nearly all of the blood in a sick dog with seawater. The dog made a full recovery, its blood parameters returned to normal, and it lived for several more years.

From theory to practice, René Quinton literally saved thousands of lives

Now that the safety of marine plasma and its ability to restore blood parameters had been proven, it was time to spread the news to the world and let it know that marine plasma could also remineralize, restore homeostasis, balance pH, support cellular nutrition and detoxification, and much more.From 1906 to 1914, until René Quinton left for the battlefield, dozens of hospitals called “marine dispensaries” opened up from France to the UK, to Italy, to Belgium and as far away as Egypt. The marine therapy developed by René Quinton literally helped save thousands of lives.

René Quinton, French visionary, Marine Plasma Discoverer

From its discovery in 1904, we refined marine plasma to make it safer, more stable and efficacious than ever.

The BIOCEAN Marine Plasma difference!Below is a table that illustrates the main differences between mere seawater products and true pharmaceutical, efficacious, stable and safe, BIOCEAN® Pure Marine Plasma.

Biocean® Pure Marine Plasma® difference in quality, efficacy, safety and stabilityTriple cold microfiltration, Ultra-Pure, Ultra-Stable, Pharmaceutical process and packaging