Biocean Science & Nutrition History

The history of genuine Marine Plasma in America is linked directly to that of Myriam Biss, Professional Homeopath, President of Quinton America and Consultant for Biocean Science & Nutrition. An immigrant from France, Myriam Biss arrived in Canada more than 40 years ago. She first introduced genuine Marine Plasma from France to the USA and Canada in the late 1980’s. She extensively used it in our own clinic with very conclusive results.

Ocean Thérapie, the last French laboratory producing genuine Marine Plasma eventually stopped production in 1996, which is when Myriam Biss created Quinton America. In collaboration with her engineer husband, and following three years of intensive research, Quinton America commences production of Pure Marine Plasma® to heightened quality standards. Our Pure Marine Plasma® is a combination of the work of therapeutic seawater pioneers, clinical know-how, engineering, modern science and pharmaceutical GMPs.

The principles of the visionary René Quinton, today’s science and our absolute quality: PURE MARINE PLASMA®, Ionic Ocean Minerals!

1987-2000 Myriam Biss imports to america Genuine Quinton Marine Plasma from France
Myriam Biss, Professional Homeopath, launches her clinic and is the first to offer in America genuine Marine Plasma produced by Ocean Thérapie in France. Marine Plasma becomes the foundation of treatments recommended by Myriam Biss for the next 30 years. The results are impressive.

Determined to offer an optimum product for her patients, Myriam Biss decides to manufacturer Marine Plasma herself and starts on the road to producing the best natural Pure Marine Plasma® available on the market today.

2000, Creation of Quinton America

Combining her clinical expertise with her partner’s scientific and technical knowledge, Myriam Biss and Rudolph Biss create Quinton America in 2000. Quinton America’s mission is simple: combine the tradition of early therapeutic seawater pioneers with modern scientific knowledge and pharmaceutical processes to offer the very best in the field of Marine Therapy.

Today, Biocean® Pure Marine Plasma® is still manufactured in European GMP certified pharmaceutical facilities with seawater from the North Atlantic in France.

2011, Creation of Biocean Science & Nutrition

Biocean Science & Nutrition is launched in 2011 to better serve the USA and European market with an emphasis placed on serving the demand from the professional market in sourcing a product of the highest quality. Whether colon hygienists, medical doctors or chiropractors, the most demanding health professionals appreciate the superior quality and extensive testing of Biocean® products as well as the company’s professionalism and ethical philosophy.

Today, Biocean® products are available globally with demand increasing annually.

“We bring you the best of the ocean!”

To bring you the best of the ocean, we dedicate ourselves to the GMP certified, pharmaceutical production of Pure Marine Plasma®.

Only by collecting seawater in specific, pristine locations and treating it with care and know-how can we yield a nutritious health product with perfect mineral and trace element balance while safe, efficacious and stable.

Our multi decade know-how makes us the only company able to offer both in ampoules and 1L pharmaceutical glass bottles, Pure Marine Plasma® of premium quality. Our products are widely used by discriminating health professionals yet also available directly to the public.

Biocean Science & Nutrition understands that the benefits of food supplements are totally dependent upon their quality, stability, efficacy and purity.

Pure Marine Plasma, Quality, Safety, Efficacy

Biocean® Isotonic 0.9 economy bottle. Tripe cold microfiltration